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Centurions go another season unbeaten in the pitch !

By Dave Richardson

After a fantastic year for the club we thought it wise to give a small update for the third team that saw us go yet another yet without the team being beaten in what has been another disappointing year for league cry offs and long spells of inactivity.

We ended up physically playing 10 games from the 22 scheduled and winning 9 with one draw which should see us sit at the top of the league despite some odd scoring systems employed meaning we sit provisionally third but still unbeaten!

Our last losing game was 8th March 2019

As ever the third team looked to support the club so the eagle eyed will see that we have 2 ‘losses’ against our name and we made the decision as a club to support the second team in their game with a view to re arrange our fixture with north ribb however as the teams couldn’t agree a time to replay we had to let this one go.

Our other mark was the rather peculiar case of every team in England cancelling for covid in late December however our club was penalised for the timing and a club we had previously beaten - and competing for the league title- decided they couldn’t rearrange and again it’s in the history books and i think we can hold our heads high knowing some would rather walk than be beaten again.

On the positive we have seen some amazing players come through the ranks and yet again a number of players move up to the second team and be part of the cup success and nothing makes us prouder to see the club in full flourish

A special mention as always goes to Rob Bedford Collins for his endless days of work each week to get players sorted as well as the players that travel from far and wide - all the garforth boys, Dave squirrel and all the Rawnsley’s to name a few - and it’s a real shame that the league structure results in tens of fixtures being cancelled each season and massive revenue missing from the club.

Lots of conversations with beefy and the second team set up has hopefully led to a bigger link throughout the club.

For the future I think it’s fair to say all clubs are struggling for players but Ilkley nick the trend again by offering three teams each week which makes Rob and myself proud having overturned a similar issue and reenergised the third team onto a great social set of guys.

Going forwards the emphasis needs to be in the one club mentality and supporting the teams throughout so difficult decisions be made across the board to ensure this happens however once again a massive well done to all the guys that turned out rather than just talking about it and as ever if you want to play a competitive match and have a pint with lifelong mates then you won’t find a better game so get involved!


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