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New Management For The 3rd XV

Good luck to the third team this Saturday and all fingers crossed for yet another cracking season!

For those that don’t know (as I was aiming to quietly exit stage left but seem to still be getting the enquiries so wanted to post officially so it goes to the right people) I have stepped back from running the team working alongside Rob Bedford Collins this year as life has a funny way of giving you other things to focus on – not always the focuses you want – so to give it the extraordinary time that it needs it only seems fair to let Rob grab it going forwards and for me to make sure the club supports his team each season as they have done to date.

Immensely proud of a genuinely great set of guys that have gone unbeaten for what seems like forever ( 8th March 2019!!!!!!!) as well as league champions in a perfect season with so many chuckles along the way it would seem unfair to point highlights alone though a few unprintable spring to mind. Seeing the reprobates have a 95% plus win rate is both extraordinary and ridiculous at the same time when you think of the quantity they take in on a weekly basis.

I was fortunate enough to temper my concluded rugby playing days with the want to give back to the team and help in running the divas that this successful bunch are (joking…) however rugby is a game that stays with you forever and although I definitely replaced the broken bones and torn skin with halcyon days memories of the 40 yard tries ( that were closer to 8 yards) and the knocks never seeming just as bad as they probably were it will be strange this weekend being very far from Stacks Field and not seeing the first game of the social season being underway.

The point behind this mawkish post though is that the game will still be there and the teams still need the support so if you are local and even just once played the game or supported someone who did then please go down and buy a pint and put back into a great local charity club that will welcome you with open arms as rugby will only be there if you support it.

If you are looking at this page then you are already one step towards getting down there or re-engaging so for a very drunken evening orchestrated by the trained clown that is our imperious captain Joe Core all the way through to the finely tuned athletes in the first team led admirably by Joe Lowes, Clith and Rhys, its only one Saturday afternoon away and I'm certain they will all make you feel welcome, and put on a good show.

Now where are my old boots as I fancy a run out……..



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